Amazing professional Rui Da Silva Dj.

Rui Da Silva saw his music leap from club to radio when his song Touch Me became an international number one single. Producer, Engineer, Beatmaker, Remixer, Writer DJ and Programmer. Very few people manage to combine genuine underground respect with commercial success, but Portuguese Rui Da Silva has managed just that.
Rui is continuously trying to push boundaries and moving forward, as he puts it, “trying to change the sound and evolve as staying still gets me bored”.
Over the years he’s also notched up a broad array of collaborations including Underground Sound of Lisbon with DJ Vibe and Coco Da Silva with Chris Coco. Other notable notches on his belt include label owner – Kismet Records – DJ and general computer whizz. He’s also a man who’s never satisfied, constantly looking to learn and re-learn music-making science and skills.


Rui Da Silva

Oscar Classic.

Dj Jauregui & Mario Romero.

Good taste for dance music is the special feature of this duo, both lead the most interesting dance scene in Caracas - Venezuela. Jauregui & Mario Romero are the result of many years of experience on the local dancefloor, the artistic quality of this duo have led them to share with important international artists, publish various musical works & until create a own record label called  ¨ Invariations ¨ This pair knows how to combine a pleasant sound performance with style and good appearance, in this way wear Wilde Sunglasses reaffirms the inspiration of this duo.

Jauregui Soudcloud
Mario Romero Soundcloud


Oscar & 168 by Wilde


Ws presents the music producer/dj Paulo Olarte.

Forth coming album called “El Escandalo de tus Ojos” is a mixture of exotic sounds... A close contact with fire, feels like the hell and heaven in the dance floor, Label Galaktika Paulo wears the model 168 Black by Wilde Sunglasses.
Documentary & Photography by @alxconnor


168 Tortoise SS 17

Portrait Paulo Olarte