Producing a piece from the Wilde Sunglasses collection requires several factors; quality materials, technique, time, and skilled craftsmanship is essential for achieving the desired result. Each pair of Wilde Sunglasses manufactured takes many steps of meticulous production and assembly.


We design, produce and promote our own sunglasses collections. Every year small collections of sunglasses made with passionand traditional technique arrive . The production line was open with reference of 50`s craftsmanship.We offer an strong hand-build object made with quality and premium materials. Our work is for people who love wearing, collect or live around sunglasses during many years.



Each pairs of wilde`s sunglasses normally have legs and frame fixed with two small bars, a symbol part of the strong traditional process. Made with the top of the line italian acetate the Sunglasses arrive after 24 production steps, some of those unique for each piece. We use raw material that is 100% natural, deriving from cotton plants. Our hypo-allergenic and biodegradable acetate
‘Mazzucchelli’ has been used by artisans since the 19th century.